Mar 062013

Whether a student is struggling in school or simply wants to do even better, study skills and learning styles assessments can be invaluable.

Often students, and even parents or teachers, are not aware of certain key study skills students may be lacking in. MindWise assesses study skills through self-report questionnaires. Answers provide a framework for understanding certain areas and habits which may need improvement. Understanding study skills strengths and weaknesses allows students to take full advantage of their current skills and improve on skills they may be lacking in. The end result: more self-knowledge and more understanding leading to better performance.

Study skills are not innate and can be improved and refined with appropriate knowledge and guidance – taking a study skills assessment is the very first step!

Learning styles are the processes by which individuals prefer to learn and how they prefer to process information. Although each person has a ‘learning style preference’, studies have shown that use of all learning styles in conjunction with one another has the most beneficial effect. Knowledge of one’s own learning style is essential for the student to adapt to the learning environment provided by the teacher, which is not always compatible with the innate learning style of the student. By understanding all the learning styles and one’s own preferences, one can adapt one’s learning to increase effectiveness in the classroom.