Mar 062013

Why use mathematics approach assessments?

Mathematics is one of the most essential subjects studied for University entrance and some studies have shown it to be the best predictor of later success in any field of tertiary study.  Mathematics is also one of the most commonly struggled with subjects at school, partially due to a lack of understanding of student’s unique approaches to mathematics. The decision to change to Mathematics Literacy is a life changing one, excluding many students from degrees such as BComm’s and other fields – not a decision to be taken lightly.

A mathematics approach assessment can assist students and teachers at a variety of schooling levels in understanding their mathematical approaches better.

This assessment is best in conjunction with teacher input and adaptation of learning methods. All students take a different ‘approach’ to solving mathematical problems and have different levels of aptitude for the subject. An understanding of these approaches, in combination with aptitude assessments, can assist in finding the root cause of ‘difficulties’ in mathematics or allow well performing students to perform even better! The results of these assessments can be used to facilitate appropriate referrals to specialists, guiding remedial education programmes, adjustment of teacher styles to ensure optimal development of students or even self-motivated improvement!

You can make the decision to improve and understand your mathematics learning style better and do the degree you really want!