Mar 062013

Deciding on a career, tertiary study path or selection of subjects for high school are not easy decisions. Career guidance and subject choice assessments are designed to assist students – you don’t have to decide alone.

Such decisions should be informed, well researched and suited to the individual in order to give the best chance of success and happiness.

Career guidance utilises a group of assessments which assist in helping individuals know themselves and their abilities in order to make informed career and subject choice decisions.

For those busy students, parents on a budget and people in a hurry….. we offer a compressed version of this service 100% online. Just contact us for full details!

Our comprehensive, custom written report is based on several assessments are used to provide a powerful picture of the individual:

  • Personality assessments provide an understanding of who the individual is and what they may prefer. For example, do you prefer to work with others or alone? How do you prefer to look at the world? There is no right or wrong personality, but some personalities are better suited to certain jobs than others.
  • Interest assessments provide a broad overview of the person’s interests at that time. Although interests often change with age, the broad categories of interest are often relatively stable.
  • Aptitude assessments provide an indication of academic strengths and weaknesses. Some are better at working with numbers whilst others prefer verbal material. An understanding of an individual’s aptitude is essential for choosing a productive and enjoyable career path.
  • Thinking preferences allow the individual to understand his/her preferences in terms of detail, environment, interactions, future orientation and more.

Once we understand these aspects, MindWise can assist in suggesting careers and subjects which may be suited to that particular students – sometimes providing new and exciting ideas which students may not have yet considered. Careers assessment let students make the most informed choices possible to better their chances of a focused future.