Dec 102013

We offer recruitment assessments, 360 degree analyses and job-fit analyses for companies of any size!Recruitment, Interview, Hiring, Job-fit, 360 degree Evaluation

Recruitment assessments assist companies in hiring the candidates who perform highly in core reasoning skills and appear to have a personality and thinking style which fit the job at hand. Our comprehensive, customised reports allow employers to accurately assess their candidates in terms of suitability for the position. Employers can also use our reports to plan training programs, assess strengths and weaknesses of their staff and adjust management styles to get the best performance possible within their company.

Our 360 degree evaluations are available to larger companies who wish to create an ‘ideal’ job profile in order to assess their current employees as well as for future use in hiring new staff. These profiles are based on manager performance ratings within specific organisations and are, therefore, unique to each and every organisation.

Job-fit assessments can assist companies in ensuring the well-being of their employees and the best job-person fit for future employees. Recommendations can also be made regarding the interview process and other assessments interviewers may wish to conduct.

For businesses with integrity and honesty concerns, we offer an add on ‘integrity’ assessment which considers aspects of an individual such as latent dishonesty, general deception and likelihood to commit fraud.