Dec 102013

Proficiency in the English language and numeracy are two critical skills for employees’ success in any workplace. Many organisations are not aware of the current levels of basic EngliEnglish and numeracy in the global economysh and numeracy proficiency of their staff, leading to ‘little’ mistakes in understanding, communication and job functions which become ‘big’ mistakes.

Illiteracy, poor understanding of the English language and poor basic numeracy skills amongst employees can hold organisations back from fulfilling their full potential. Assessing potential employees and current employees in English language and numeracy can have the following benefits:

1. Comprehensive screening of potential employees for suitability

2. Planning of development programmes for current employees

3. Better understanding of employee job performance

English and numeracy skills are global commodities, necessary in today’s rapidly changing economy. Therefore, awareness of employee (and potential employee) skills in this area is an asset to any business.