Our Mission


We help people and organisations by providing psychometric assessment services for the facilitation of self-development, professional training, improved academic skills, general well being, team building and career guidance.

Know your mind, know yourself, know your future.

What is Psychometrics?

Psychometrics and psychometric assessments are the measurements of psychological constructs within a variety of realms of human functioning. Such constructs include intelligence, interests, personality, study skills, learning style preferences, aptitude and information processing preferences. Assessments are based on many years of research and ‘norming’ (collecting information about the population for comparative purposes) in order to provide accurate, relevant results. Often one may compare an individual’s score on a measure to a normative group (a group of individuals very similar in age, ethnicity and education) in order to provide a more accurate ‘picture’ of the individual in comparison to the rest of the population and understand individual differences.

A psychometrist is an individual who administers scores, interprets and provides feedback and reports on the results of psychometric assessments. Psychometrists are required to complete an Honours Degree in psychology, an internship and a board exam in order to register as a professional with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

Psychology, Psychometrics and the Law

At MindWise, all the assessments utilised have been thoroughly researched and normed and shown to be valid and reliable. Each measure used is designed specifically for the target population (i.e. individuals being tested) and often the results are compared to a specific ‘normative group’ of individuals from the general population who are very similar to the person being tested.

All assessments are administered by a Registered Psychometrist who is licensed with the HPCSA to utilise these assessments and has undergone additional training required for the use of certain assessments.